Our Team

Shubham Badadal

(Founder and Partner)

Mr. Shubham Badadal is a Tax Practitioner and having over 7 Year Experience in Direct and Indirect Taxation Field and he has completed his Bacholer of Commerce Degree from Pune University. In Pune Maharashtra Mr. Shubham is taking his experience at enhance level to reach his client goals. As perfection in Direct Taxation and Indirect Taxation specialization in Goods and Services Tax and always focusing on growth as well as good communication with client and advising on entry strategy.

Swapnil Mandavkar


Mr.Swapnil Mandavkar is a Tax practitioner and He has completed his Becholer of Commerce degree from Pune University. He has around 3 years Experience in Field of Accounting , Goods & Service Tax (GST) , Income tax, Audit. Mr.Swapnil is starving for growth and expansion which is what people are looking for world over. He is always assuring his clients of his best services, at all the time