Shop Act Registration

Shop Act License Registration

State Government do the regulation of Shop Act simply State government governs the functioning of business with their jurisdictions. Business need to have Shop Act license Registration it is a primary proof of existence of business. Under the Act Shop means a premises where goods or services or both are sold which includes offices , store room , warehouse. No child labor is allowed to work.

“Shop” means any premises where goods are sold, either by retail, wholesale or where services are rendered to customers, and includes an office a store-room, warehouse or work place, whether in the same premises or otherwise, [mainly used] in connection with such trade or business but does not include a factory, a commercial establishment, residential hotel, restaurant, eating house, theater or other place of public amusement or entertainment;

Online Shop Act Registration in India is made more easy by State Government. Shop registration process has been modified. Now the new process is much simpler and with fast tack mode. shop act form f is used for registration. Experts at Team Aikar Guru work as Shop Act Consultant and have helped number of entrepreneurs for Shop Registration. In All major cities of India , Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Pune , Chennai and more. Our services are reliable and quick.

Apply Shop Act License under MSME

MSME Registration for Shop is one of most popular and cheapest and fast. Also MSME not required any renewal. Under MSME business owner will get one registration number. This registration number can be used to display in shop and on invoice. MSME Act 2006 Registration for Shop License registration gives lifetime validity. There is no renewal of License.

  • Step 1 : Simply fill up form and send us over mail. We will share form over mail.
  • Step 2 : Make payment by Net banking / debit /credit card to us in secure mode.
  • Setp 3.We apply MSME License , Get Certificate in 2 Working days.