Change in Company Name

  • Change Company Name
  • RUN Form Filling
  • MGT 14 Filling
  • Drafting of Board Meeting Papers
  • Team of CA & CS

Change Company Name

Promoters of company can change any time name of company. Once company is registered then its name can be changed. There can be various reason to change company name. Some of reasons can be Change of business model , Branding , on Demand of promoter , amalgamation. Change in name of company does not affect legal status of company. Also PAN number remains same. Companies Act 2013 gives guideline for change in company name. Changing company name is simple by following procedure AOA Clause .Hence After company name change AOA & MOA Also need to be changed.

By passing a board resolution company can initiate Company name change process. Company need to apply to MCA in Run form for name approval letter. The company may adopt any suitable name provided it is not undesirable. Where MCA finds proposed name is as per guidelines then they may issue name reservation letter. Company may call for EGM meeting for passing special resolution for Company name change and Alter AOA & MOA. After than apply in Form MGT 14 with necessary documents.

  • Important Point in Company Name Change
  • Conduct Board meeting for Company name change
  • Conduct EGM Meeting
  • Pass Board Resolution
  • Apply in Form MGT 14
  • Get New COI , AOA & MOA
  • Process Take Appx 1 Month Time